Find the right shade for you

I’m thinking of coloring my hair, but I’m not sure what colors would suit me. What do you recommend?
Whether or not a selected color is suitable is dependent on many factors. It’s best to learn about the
various options and decide from there, so you don’t make a choice you’ll regret.

1. Prioritize lightness over color

Core principle of coloring your hair: avoid picking the wrong level of hair color. Level refers to the degree of lightness or darkness of a color. This is more important than picking the wrong color!
It’s easy to darken a shade that is too light, but lightening a dark color is not possible.


2. Pay attention to your hair type

Melanin content is high in hair that is black, thick, voluminous or stiff. This results in a red tinge, which makes a red or orange shade the best choice. Your ideal hair colors would be:

  • Red brown
  • Orange brown

Melanin content is lower in hair that is brown, thin, sparse and thin. This results in a yellow tinge, for which gold and ash-colored shades are better suited. Your ideal hair colors would be:

  • Honey brown
  • Ash brown

Understand which colors are the most visible on your hair type, and choose the right level of hair color.

3. Match your hair color to your lifestyle

For those who typically stay indoors, ashy shades match the tone of indoor light and complement it well. Your ideal hair color would be:

  • Ash Brown

Those who spend their time outdoors would be better suited with darker shades of brown. These give the hair a silky glossy look, which look lovely even when exposed to sunlight. Your ideal hair colors would be:

  • Dark Brown
  • Natural Black

Your hair color may look different in various types of light, so picking the right shade of hair color based on your lifestyle is also a good way to go.

4. Choose shades based on your skin tone

Skin tones are categorized by the seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter. The season you belong to is in turn determined by the tone of your skin. These can be refined even firther, but here is an easy way to quickly determine your ‘season’.

Find out your type based on your skin tone and eye color. Check out the following to find out suitable colors for your type!

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Spring types

If you belong to Spring, you have warm and golden undertones to your overall coloring. If your skin appears pink, it’s more likely a warm pink, like peach. Spring skin tones will look best in vibrant colors, just like the colors of a spring day.
Suitable colors

  • coral_pinkCoral pink
  • turqoiseEmerald turqoise
  • yellow_brightBright yellow
  • ivory_whiteIvory white
  • light_blueLight true blue

Recommended hair colors
Semi-transparent bright colors like shades of pink or light brown are recommended.

  • pinkish_shadesPinkish shades
  • brown_lightBrown light
  • brown_mauve_shadesBrown mauve shades
  • brown_mochaBrown mocha

Summer types

If your hair and skin are both light with a cool tone, you’re most likely a Summer. Summer skin tones should stick to pastel, muted and neutral tones while avoiding bright colors that can overpower your pale coloring.
Suitable colors

  • pastel_pinkPastel pink
  • medium_blueMedium blue
  • light_lemonLight lemon yellow
  • cocoaCocoa
  • lavenderLavender

Recommended hair colors
For Summers with pale skin, soft ash browns and light browns will help to tone down the pinkish tint in the skin.

  • light_brownLight Brown
  • ash_brownAsh Brown
  • caramel_brownCaramel Brown

Autumn types

If you’re an Autumn, you probably have a warm, olive skin. Those with golden skin tones with hair ranging from red to black often fall in the Autumn category. Autumns look best in earthy and rich colors. However, pastels and bright colors can wash out your skin tone.
Suitable colors

  • salmonSalmon
  • teal_blueTeal blue
  • chocolate_brownChocolate brown
  • moss_greenMoss green

Recommended hair colors
Use rich colors like dark golden brown, honey and mocha. Avoid golden blond as this will intensify the yellow in your skin and give you an unhealthy glow. Add red or orange tones to your color to neutralize your yellow skin tone.

  • honey_brownHoney Brown
  • orange_brownOrange Brown
  • maple_brownMaple Brown
  • mocha_brownMocha Brown

Winter types

If you have a cool skin tone with bluish or pinkish undertones, you’re probably a Winter. Winters will have a deep contrast between their hair color, eye color and skin tone. Winter women often look best in rich colors like blue, red and hot pink, and they should avoid neutral, earthy tones.

Suitable colors

  • true_redTrue red
  • deep_hot_pinkDeep hot pink
  • true_blueTrue blue
  • blackBlack
  • royal_purpleRoyal purple

Recommended hair colors
For Winter, the darker the hair color, the better! This includes reddish-brown, dark brown and of course, black.

  • dark_brownDark Brown
  • ash_brownAsh Brown
  • red_brownRed Brown
  • natural_blackNatural Black