Types of Hair Colorant

There are four categories of hair colorants, depending on how long the color lasts on the hair. Here is a basic overview of the respective features of each type.

Is there a difference between hair colorant and hair bleach?

Hair bleaching makes your hair color more vibrant by decolorizing your hair prior to dyeing. Hair colorants decolorise the hair with bleach and colors it using dye at the same time. The table below gives a simple representation of the types of hair colorants and their respective features.

Classification of Hair Colorants


Types of Hair Colorants and their Characteristics


What is the difference between cream-based
and lotion-based hair colorants?

Hair colorants come in different product types. They each have different methods of use and results.
The following table lists the advantages of each product type. Choose a type that will best suit your needs.
Types of Hair Colorants and Their Respective Advantages
Different product types can be used in conjuction with each other to either color the entire head of hair, or dye specific portions. This can be especially handy when coloring the hair according to its growth cycle. (Refer to the figure below)
As illustrated, liquid/lotions are used to dye the entire head of hair evenly. Creams are convenient for dyeing specific portions and are suitable for coloring hair roots. Utilising different product types in this way can help you achieve hair color while limiting the amount of damage to your hair.
Example of Utilizing Hair Cycle