The difference between hair dyes for gray and black hair

Hair colorants formulated specifically for black hair will not be able to color gray hair properly.

You may have realized that the hair colorants you’ve used in the past don’t work as well on gray hair.

Colors in hair colorants for black hair and for gray hair are made differently. Choosing the wrong product will not produce the desired result. For instance, hair colorants made for black hair are made with pigments that will only work on black hair, or on black hair that has been lightened. When these colorants are used on gray hair, it may result in an unnatural color. In constrast, pigments in colorants made for gray hair work on both gray and black hair. So, be sure to use products specifically for gray hair when dyeing gray hair.


The Differences Between Hair Colorants for gray Hair and Black Hair
* Depending on the product, there may be variations in the levels of bleaching and dyeing power..