The Process of Hair Coloration

The hair colorant is formed when you mix two solutions together.

How do hair colorants work?

Generally, hair colorant is made up of two components. #1 is a solution containing oxidation coloring and an alkali. #2 is an oxidizing agent in cream form. Mixing Solution #1 and Solution #2 together results in the hair colorant.

 The active ingredients in hair coloring
When the hair colorant is applied to the hair, the alkaline agent from Solution #1 opens the outer hair layer so that coloring and oxidising agents can penetrate into the hair shaft more easily.

The reaction causes large, colored molecules to form within the hair’s cortex, which are resistant to being washed out of the hair. Simultaneously, the oxygen released will lighten the natural melanin pigment in the hair so that the new color can be seen, effectively replacing the hair’s natural color.

The Dyeing Process