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Hair Care

NiNE Farming Care


With NiNE Farming Care, Hoyu Professional is placing significant emphasis on the importance of cultivating a healthy hair and scalp environment as it is the foundation for achieving beautiful hair from within.

Key Technology

For Hair Damaged by Repeated Hair Coloring;
Home Care That Leads to Beautiful Hair.




A shampoo that keeps the scalp, the foundation of the hair healthy, to help you achieve the hair design you desire. The soft and comfortable foam gently cleanses the scalp and hair, creating a base for the treatment to take effect.





For thin and fine hair that is prone to tangles.
Contains 18MEA derivative (hair repairing
ingredient) to condition the cuticle surface. It
gives a smooth and light texture and shine.



For dry and damaged hair due to frequent
chemical processing. Contains keratin PPT
(hair repairing ingredient) that repairs and
protects damaged hair. Leads to a soft texture.




For unruly and stiff hair. Contains macadamia
nuts and meadowfoam oil, plant-derived
moisturizing ingredients that improve hair
manageability. For moist, smooth and shiny hair.



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