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Hair Color




For bold and distinctive RED expressions.


PROMASTER iC extends the range of salon coloring expressions more than ever. 3 lineup of red - Carmine Red, Red Mauve and Violet Magenta. These bold and vivid colors stimulate the creativity of hairstylists.

Key Technology

Glass Veil Effect
A glossy, high shine color development that makes it seem as if a glass veil covers the hair. High color density and colorant fixation in the cuticle and cortex lead to glossy color development and prevents color from draining out easily.

Treatment Touch
Lanolin replenishes lost hair lipids while beeswax coats hair’s surface to deliver healthy conditioned hair with outstanding shine, gloss, moisture and manageability.

Low Ammonia
Imparts less structural damage to the hair providing a smoother, healthier, longer-lasting and shiner result.

Matching Type Fragrance
The idea is to wrap and volatilize odors with a delicate fragrance which is compatible with odors (matching) and does not remain on the hair. Almost no smells or odors remain.

How to Use

PROMASTER iC Color Cream

• Finishing from Level 1-10 with one process
• Approaching various hair conditions to achieve wide range of hair colors
• LT can bleach up to Level 11

Mixing Ratio
Color Cream: Pro-oxide 6 = 1:1

Product Lineup


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