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Hoyu is a premier hair coloring trend leader, enjoying not only the largest market share in Japan, but also a place as the leading provider of hair coloring and hair products in more than 70 countries all over the world.

Our corporate slogan, ‘COLOR YOUR HEART’, expresses our desire for people everywhere to express themselves and enrich their lives through our extensive lines of hair color and hair care products. ‘Hoyu’, which translates to ‘fellow friends’, also represents our wish to strengthen friendships with our business partners.

In February 2005, Hoyu celebrated its 100th year of spreading its unending passion for coloring and hair care.

We’re always a step ahead. Through extensive market analysis, we are constantly innovating to introduce unprecedented new products. With R&D constantly being carried out, we strive to add value to our product lines, developing user and environmentally friendly products for our consumers.

Singapore Office

Hoyu Singapore Pte. Ltd.

No.5 Harper Road #03-02 Singapore 369673
Tel: +65 6227 2018 / Fax: +65 6227 2078
[email protected]