Social Media Policy


This policy serves as a framework for proper use of social media for, and set forth matters to be observed by, each employee as a member of Hoyu Singapore Pte. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”).


This policy applies to the executives, employees and temporary hires of the Company and any other individuals who engage in business activities of the Company (hereinafter referred to as the “Employees”).


Social media in this policy refer to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, etc. and other platforms that are commonly referred to as social networking services (SNS).

We, Hoyu Singapore Pte. Ltd., will observe the following basic matters when participating in social media and operating the Company’s official social media account.

Planned approach to social media participation

We shall endeavor to respect the positions of customers, business partners, Company Employees in communications such that the statements of all those concerned are taken into account.

In social media communications, we shall always be aware that an unknown number of users around the world have access to social media and we shall participate in social media honestly and in moderation.

1. Compliance with laws and internal rules

We have established guidelines for the Company’s Employees that indicate general approach for social media participation. In sharing information on social media, the Company’s Employees shall comply with laws and regulations, internal rules and compliance code of conduct established by the Company, understand social media guidelines, and take responsibility for their own actions as a sensible member of the society.

2. Awareness and responsibility for the content of communications

The Company’s Employees shall be aware of and take responsibility for the information they share on social media.

They shall fully understand that information cannot be completely deleted once it has been published on the Internet and shall be cautious in communicating information.

They shall strive to communicate accurate information that leaves no room for misunderstanding.

An apology shall be promptly provided and any misleading information or expressions shall be promptly corrected.

3. Prohibition of infringement

The copyrights and other intellectual property rights of the Company or third parties shall not be infringed. In addition, Employees shall not defame third parties or infringe on the privacy of an individual.

4. Handling of confidential information, personal information, etc.

No confidential information of the Company and the Company’s business partners learned through the course of work shall be disclosed or leaked. Furthermore, no personal information of customers or business partners shall be disclosed without the consent of said customers or business partners, expect when required by law.

■ To our customers and users

Information shared by the Company’s Employees on social media does not necessarily represent the Company’s official announcements and views.

Information on the Company’s official announcements and views is posted on the Company’s website at, as well as in press releases.

Additionally, the style of communication (whether or not to reply, response time, procedure) will differ for each official account. For the Company’s official account, see
List of Official Social Media Accounts.

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