BEAUTEEN Point Color Cream

Beauteen Point Color Cream

A semi-permanent hair color designed for people who wants to experiment with different hair colors without making a long-term commitment. Comes in 4 color variations, suitable for partial hair coloring. Apply only on areas of your hair that you want to color to achieve a unique look!

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  • Semi-permanent Hair Color

    Enjoy different hair colors without making long-term commitment.

  • Ideal for Partial Hair Coloring

    Apply only on areas of hair that you want to color.

  • Great Color Pigmentation

    Vivid coloring result when used on bleached or lightened hair.

  • Treatment Type Hair Color

    Care for hair while coloring.

  • Contains Argan Oil

    Hair protecting ingredients for shiny and smooth hair.



Ensure hair is totally dry before applying. Put on gloves. Squeeze an appropriate amount onto your palm and apply it to your hair.     




Apply a generous amount of cream to the areas you want to color well. Leave on for 20 minutes.   





Rinse off well and finish with shampoo and conditioner.