CIELO Cream Hair Color

It’s hard to deny the convenience and cost-savings you get with DIY hair coloring kits, but messy applications and having to toss out unused leftovers remain a barrier. With these concerns in mind, Hoyu presents the perfect gray hair coverage for roots and fuss-free solution for easy and efficient DIY hair coloring – the innovative CIELO Cream Hair Color.

CIELO Cream Hair Color boasts an improved formula that promises shiny, radiant color that lasts. Housed within its unique bottle dispenser is a pre-packed color mixture that dispenses effortlessly at a touch of a button. For immediate coloring, press down and load the non-drip formula onto the Special Comb Brush for an even application that leaves your mane soft, shiny and smooth.


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  • Hassle-Free Easy & Quick Cream at 1 Press

    No premixing of 2 creams needed. Just press the lever to dispense the colorant and developer at the same time.

  • Ideal Gray Hair Coverage

    Non-drip cream stays on roots and hairline. Special comb brush enables easy application even along difficult hairline and roots.

  • Natural Shine & Radiant Hair Color

    5 illuminating & nourishing ingredients moisturize and condition hair while coloring to bring out the natural shine of your hair for a smooth color result.

  • Multiple Applications for Touch-up

    The remainder can be kept for the next application.