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PROMASTER SODABASEMAKE focuses on carbonated water as the chemical cleansing agent. Based on the subtractive concept, it removes unnecessary residue, rather than supplies nutrients. It cleanses tough residue that cannot be removed by shampoo and returns hair to its natural bounce and suppleness.

Key Technology

Addresses Hair Concerns
By removing residual chemical ingredients on/in hair improves the effectiveness and longevity of hair color, perming & hair styling. This product also removes scalp waste and reduces hair color stains on scalp.

Science of Carbonic Acid Function
Carbonated water refers to an aqueous solution in which carbon dioxide is dissolved in water and has the function of removing calcium ions attached to the hair. Calcium ions are contained in the tap water used in everyday life, and accumulation leads to deterioration of the texture and feel of hair. Also, since damaged hair is more likely to be attached with calcium ions, it will progress to further damage. The product regularly removes calcium ions using carbonated water to lead the hair to a healthy condition.

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